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Empowered learners celebrate one of life's momentous milestones

On the evening of Wednesday 24 May, the International School of Bologna (ISB), brought families, community members, and special guests from the Bologna business scene together to celebrate the ISB Class of 2023. The formal Graduation ceremony was held at a hotel in the city center and marked the culmination of a 12-year-long academic journey for 21 young individuals who aspire to become tomorrow's leaders and guardians of a better world. The Class of 2023 is the 7th cohort to graduate from the International School of Bologna, a unique school, founded in 2004, by Mrs. Esther Martelli, and is the first and only IB Continuum school in our region. Of the 21 graduates, about 50% are Italian and 50% come from different countries across the globe. Several of the students have been at ISB ever since Primary School, or even Nursery school. Others have joined the school at different grade levels.

"Despite the devastating flood, which also had a direct impact on our students, as it happened during their IB exams, our resilient young women and men can proudly celebrate their personal accomplishments. They have completed what is recognized as the most academically rigorous secondary education programme in Europe", says the Head of the School, Ms. Janecke Aarnaes, expressing tremendous pride in the ISB learners. Doors to their future life and study at both Italian and international universities are now open to them.

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