Welcome From Head Of School

Our mission is to develop students who make an active contribution as they take their place in our ever-evolving global society. To demonstrate our accountability and commitment towards this ambitious statement, ISB has been successfully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), and our educational programs are evaluated and authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization. ISB offers the three International Baccalaureate programs — the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme, and from September 2015 the Diploma Programme with our first graduating class in 2017. This will result in a truly international early years-to-university preparatory educational experience. In addition to its programs, and the quality of the faculty that delivers them, ISB’s diverse community enhances the richness of international school experience. Perhaps uniquely, however, the school is further defined by the local culture. Bologna has a tremendous academic history: the University of Bologna, founded in 1088, for example, is believed to be the oldest university in continuous operation. Through this combination of the local and global we are preparing students not just to cope with a changing world, but to lead the change. Our expectations are of a community that is open-minded and tolerant, kind and thoughtful, assertive and persuasive and able to apply knowledge and skills to creative problem-solving. To participate in the education programs at ISB is to aim high.

Fabio Corvaglia

Meet Our Staff

We are more than sixty-five staff members working at ISB


Rachel Burgess

Primary School Principal

PYP Coordinator

Neil Walton.jpg
Neil Walton

Secondary School Principal

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Filippo Testoni

Business Manager

Helen Exler

MYP Coordinator

MYP PE/TOK Teacher

Nazanin Nikanjam

IB Diploma Coordinator

MYP/DP Maths Teacher

Pio Fabriziani

Technology Director

Susan Lassiter

School Secretary

Olivia cremin.jpg
Olivia Cremin

Admission Director

Anita Ostergaard

Transition Teacher

Early Years Coordinator

Maria Girasoli.jpg
Maria Girasoli

EAL/Student Support Coordinator

Maartje Koster.jpg
Maartje Koster

School Counsellor

Mina Urosevic.jpg
Mina Urosevic

Transition Support Teacher

Eimear Hurley Kindergarten Teacher.jpg
Eimear Hurley

Grade 2 Teacher

Francesca Cantagalli

Kindergarten Support Teacher

Tasha Wahl

Reception Kindergarten Teacher

Marcella Atzori.jpg
Marcella Atzori

IAL Teacher

Sian Charlesworth

Grade 1 Teacher

Livia Trombini

Secondary EAL

Sarah Gresty.jpg
Sarah Gresty

Grade 3 Teacher

Elementary Team Leader

David Park.JPG
David Park

Grade 4 Teacher

new laurence square.jpg
Laurence Hicks

DP History Teacher

Copy of Alex Lloyd.JPG
Alex Lloyd

English & Design Teacher

Maija Makela.jpg
Maija Makela

Music Teacher

new miriam cropped.jpg
Miriam Greaves

Art Teacher

Silvia Bedodi

Italian Mother Tongue

Julie Valèry

MYP French/PE Teacher

Sara Diaz Gonzalez.jpg
Sara Diaz Gonzalez

MYP/DP Spanish Teacher

Nikolaos Michas.JPG
Nikolaos Michas

MYP Science &

DP Physics Teacher

Lara Delimelkonoglu

MYP/DP Maths Teacher

Emma Dixon.jpg
Emma Dixon

MY/DP English Teacher

Saba Saeedi.jpg
Saba Saeedi

DP Business Management & Psychology Teacher

Rachel Mullen.jpg
Rachel Mullen

EAL Learning Support

Dea Rakovac.jpg
Dea Rakovac

IAL / DP Ab Initio Italian

Kirsten de Graaf.jpg

Kristen De Graaf

MYP/DP Visual Arts Teacher

Federica Martelli.jpg

Federica Martelli

MYP/DP Italian Teacher

Rita Kosmido.jpg

Rita Kosmidou

Learning Support Specialist

new mariel square.jpg

Mariel Reid

MYP Individuals & Societies Teacher

Domenico Prudenzano.jpg

Domenico Prudenzano

MYP Science/Math &

DP Chemistry Teacher

Anna Weitzler.jpg
Anna Weitzler

Learning Support Specialist

Lola Capote.JPG
Lola Capote

MYP Spanish Teacher

Hanna Testa English Lang Aq (1).jpg
Hannah Testa

MYP English Teacher

Silvana Saracino.jpg
Silvana Saracino

Support Teacher

Aurora Sergi.jpg
Aurora Sergi

Italian Teacher

Elena Bonafé.jpg
Elena Bonafé

Italian Teacher

Federica Bevilacqua.JPG
Federica Bevilacqua

MYP Drama Teacher

Monica Marzolini.jpg
Monica Marzolini

Grade 1 Support Teacher

new federica square.jpg
Federica Giorgi


Monica Lombardi_edited.jpg
Monica Lombardi


Agnes Celle.jpg
Agnes Cella


Barbara Neri_edited.jpg
Barbara Nieri


Roberto Soscia

Purchasing & Logistics

Kumara Fernandez.jpg
Kumara Fernando


Giuseppe (2).jpg
Giuseppe Anastasi


Iliana Perrone.jpg
Ileana Perrone


Leon De Silva.jpg
Leon De Silva