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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is observed annually on February 21, with its first celebration organized by UNESCO to honor linguistic and cultural diversity. At ISB, where we embrace a tapestry of cultures and languages, we should have joined in these festivities.

From February 12th to 16th, 2024, we celebrated "Languages Week." The week was dedicated to involving students from across the entire school in activities and lessons that highlight the diverse languages spoken within the ISB community. Throughout the week, primary and secondary classes paired up for a joint activity, fostering a celebration of our varied languages. Grades 1 and 9 learned a song in a variety of languages, Grades 2 and 8 role-played the differences between British and American English, Grades 3 and 6 had an introduction to British Sign Language and watched the Oscar-winning short film 'The Silent Child', Grades 4 and 10 took part in a language-themed scavenger hunt around the school, and Grades 5 and 7 wrote concrete poems in Spanish, Italian, and English.

The classes were engaging and enriching, and we hope that students are now even more motivated to learn another additional language thanks to our wonderful teachers and their inspiring lessons.

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