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International School of Bologna

Italian Programme

Middle and High School

Middle and Diploma students continue their Italian experience through a Language A or Language B route. Routes will depend on the student’s prior experience and knowledge of Italian and this is explained in the Language Policy which can be made available to parents. Students inquire into a range of unit questions which may also connect to other experiences within the curriculum such as work in Humanities and other Language A and B subjects.

At the beginning of Grade 8 parents are invited to a meeting where they are asked to confirm if their child will sit the Italian Ministerial Exam ‘Terza Media.’ While the school offers support in enrolling students for the exam and coordinating with the Italian subject teachers who will administer the exam, it is the student and parents’ responsibility to make sure they are adequately prepared to sit the exam. This is also applicable for the ‘Tessine’ which must be completed prior to the Terza Media exams.

The school provides an after school teacher to give students extra experience of Italian Humanities. This is an optional, fee paying service for those parents who would like their child to have a great understanding of the History and Geography requirements of the Italian Curriculum.