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International School of Bologna

At the International School of Bologna we believe that:

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  1. The student’s best interests will be at the centre of all decision making.
  2. Student have rights encapsulated in the UN Charter which include the right to be fully prepared to live an individual life in society in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom and equality.
  3. Students are naturally inquisitive and will learn most effectively through an inquiry driven curriculum.
  4. Students will achieve their potential through a creative, differentiated, challenging and planned process of teaching and learning.
  5. The host country has an incredibly rich cultural and linguistic history which should be recognised and valued through meaningful integration in the curriculum.
  6. The learning and development of students Mother Tongue is critical for ongoing linguistic development.
  7. Students’ learning should be celebrated at every possible opportunity.
  8. Parents, children and the school form a unique partnership to support successful learning.
  9. Students need strategies to successfully prepare them for the many and varied challenges (academic and social) that they will have to manage at different stages of their lives.
  10. Students thrive in a supportive, happy and safe environment in which they are valued and respected.
  11. Global perspectives and understandings will be encouraged and taught in an age appropriate, open minded, fashion.
  12. Teachers employed at the International School of Bologna will embrace and contribute to the ethos of the school.
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