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International School of Bologna

School Governance

ISB logo, International School of Bologna

The International School of Bologna is a proprietary school. It is registered as a limited share company and carries the initial SRL (Società a Resposibilità Limitata) used to designate a limited share company registered within in Italy.

The school is governed by a board. The ISB Board has overall legal and financial responsibility for the school. Specifically they:

  • Appoint, appraise, dismiss the HOS and approve the appointment of any other administrative positions.
  • Set and approve the annual school budget.
  • Set and approve policy
  • Strategically plan for the school’s future development
  • Meets, in full, at least four times at year

Communication with the Board concerning school business is conducted through the HOS unless it is an issue of grievance. Similarly the Board should not directly approach the teaching faculty with complaints unless through the HOS.