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The main objective of the school counsellor is to nurture and support students’ success and wellbeing to provide the opportunity for every student to reach their full potential emotionally, academically, socially and morally. The school counsellor will liaise closely with all teachers, parents, and where necessary, outside agencies to plan an appropriate programme of support and ensure open communication.

The ISB School Counsellor has a dual role. One is to encourage, support, and foster positive, social, emotional and personal development in the students of ISB by providing immediate and short-term individual counselling, facilitating short-term small group counselling, teaching classroom guidance lessons, working collaboratively with teachers and staff, consulting with parents and providing information and/or referrals for community resources to families. The other role is to help students choose the appropriate IB DP courses, and consult with students, parents and teachers to assist students with their academic/career planning and college admissions.

The school counsellor sees students that are referred by faculty, parents and the students themselves. Students may make an appointment with the school counsellor on their own initiative or ask for an appointment through one of their teachers, parents or staff.
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