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International School of Bologna

Italian Programme

Early Years

The Italian Programme in the Early Years aims to develop the children’s communication skills in order to listen and speak in Italian. At this stage in their language development there is no distinction between students who are Mother Tongue Italian and those learning Italian as an Additional Language (The Italian Mother Tongue and IAL Programmes start in ES1). Where appropriate, the Early Years Italian Programme follows concepts covered by the class teacher in Units of Inquiry.

Elementary School

img_2043After Early Years, the teaching of Italian is provided in two distinct courses. For students who are learning Italian as a foreign language, language skills are developed to enable children to speak, read and write with increasing fluency, enabling our students to enjoy and better understand the host country.

The Italian Mother Tongue Programme begins in the first elementary class and follows the Italian Language strand of the ministerial programme (speaking, reading and writing) but at the same time provides Italian Mother Tongue students with an opportunity to develop a global perspective by making connections with the Units of Inquiry.

At the end of Grade 5 some parents of students in the Mother Tongue Italian Programme choose for their child to sit the Italian Ministerial Exams. While the school offers support in enrolling students for the exam, it is the student and parents’ responsibility to make sure they are adequately prepared to sit the exam.