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We will foster academic excellence in a challenging, inclusive and supportive environment where students feel able to reach their potential while preparing for higher education and beyond.

The curriculum will be a living document based on valid and current research, designed in conjunction with the IB, to engage students to develop and demonstrate a deep understanding of relevant concepts, knowledge and skills. Opportunities will be provided for leadership and a student voice requiring an active engagement in problem solving, both locally and globally.

The teachers, as life-long learners, will inspire a passion for knowledge, independence, emotional and cognitive development, critical and creative thinking. The faculty will utilize and incorporate interdisciplinary teaching and create an environment that encourages self-awareness, resilience, collaboration and the transfer of understanding from the classroom to real world situations.

As a community of global citizens we will value opportunities to discuss and share diverse feelings, opinions and beliefs, promote tolerance at all levels, value multilingualism, and strive for respect and understanding of one another regardless of differences in beliefs or values. The learning at ISB will be supported by an exemplary facility that will integrate Bologna as a classroom and engage with the local community in service and sustainability projects.