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Logo della scuola, ISB International School of Bologna

In 2013, IB Schools in Italy met together at Luiss University, Rome, to discuss the possibility of forming an IB Association.  It was agreed that this was an exciting way to bring schools together and to share expertise across Italy, whilst creating a stronger campaign for the growth of IB Schools across the country.

From this point, the Association of IB World Schools in Italy (AIBWSI) was formed.  AIBWSI is recognised by the International Baccalaureate through a license and cooperation agreement and was constituted to achieve the following aims:

  • Support and share best practices between IB World Schools;
  • Assist and advise candidate schools on authorization matters;
  • Raise the profile of the IB in Italy;
  • Coordinate professional development opportunities;
  • Help coordinate the Regional Conference for IB Schools in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The Association, which is non-profit, provides a forum where member schools can collaborate and share best practice. The Association is a critical resource for schools who are going through the IB authorisation process for one or more IB programmes.

IS Bologna is a full member of the AIBWSI.  Denise Walsh (our former head of school) chaired the original committee charged with the task of establishing the Association.  Jane Whittle (MYP Coordinator at IS Bologna) is the MYP representative on the Association Board which meets four times a year.

To find out more about the Association visit:

To date AIBWSI has achieved the following:

  • Registration of 22 schools to the Association
  • Held 2 AGMs both of which were held at IS Bologna
  • Presentation through a stand at the IB Regional Conference in Rome
  • Led a Coordinator’s Day for IB Coordinators hosted by IS Turin
  • Led 2 MYP Best Practice Days hosted by IS Bologna and IS Como
  • Led 2 MYP and DP Italian Language and Literature days hosted by IS Bologna
  • Prepared formal responses to the IB relating to IB matters
  • Produced publications for Italian education journals
  • IS Bologna has also worked with Association Schools and formed support networks with a range of schools across the Association
  • IS Bologna collaborated with 4 other schools in the Student Performance of the IB Regional Conference in Rome:
  • Attendance from IBAEN staff members at our meetings has ensured AIBWSI are constantly updated on IB developments