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Being Involved

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The International School of Bologna strives to develop an open and inclusive atmosphere. Learning is seen as a shared experience involving the student, parent and teacher. There are regular meetings held to discuss student progress, Including:

  • Meet the Teacher Evening
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings
  • Student Led Conferences
  • Parent Information Meetings, held monthly

Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to visit the ISB and classrooms. In the Early Years and Elementary School, parents are invited to end of unit celebrations every six weeks.

Early Years and Elementary School Assemblies are held on Friday mornings.  Each class takes a turn to organise and present an assembly on a rotational basis. Parents and friends are always welcome to attend and support the students.

In addition, parents often volunteer their time to assist the school in various ways, including:

  1. Listening to students read
  2. Helping with school inventories, color-coding books
  3. Assisting with mother-tongue classes (non-Italian or English)
  4. Putting up displays
  5. Helping with productions – props, backgrounds, costumes
  6. Sharing their background and skills as appropriate within units as speakers
  7. Assisting within the library
  8. Completing general administrative work – laminating, photocopying
  9. Assisting with website or other school publications
  10. Chaperoning field trips
  11. Being members of committees or interest working parties
  12. Participating in special projects as they evolve

If you would like to volunteer your time to the school, please contact the school secretary to express your interest.

Parents’ Association

School party, ISB International School of BolognaThe International School of Bologna Parents’ Association (hereafter referred to as P.A.) is a volunteer organization, led by parents, inclusive of all groups in the school community.

The PA shall recognize that all major decisions are made in consultation with the Head of School and that the ultimate authority is the Board of Governors of ISB. The PA may elect certain of its members to form a smaller committee to work in close cooperation with the Head of School and his/her designee meeting together to discuss school and community related business.






School party in the outside area, ISB International School of BolognaAll parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at ISB and staff members are members of the PA and thus have the right to nominate and vote for those parents who wish to be a member of the PA.


The mission of the PA is to enhance and foster a supportive partnership throughout the school community in support of the International School of Bologna’s Mission Statement.

Core Values

The PA has certain agreed values which shall underpin the operations of the PA. They are:

  1. Positive and open communication
  2. Supportive involvement and inclusion
  3. Appreciation, understanding and celebration of the diverse needs of the school community.
  4. Interest in fostering pride, fun and enthusiasm within the school and its greater community
  5. Understanding and appreciating that students will benefit when parents are positively involved in the school.

Home Room Parents

School party, ISB International School of BolognaHome Room Parents have a very important role in the school. Early in the school year the Parents’ Association in cooperation with the class teacher shall nominate a Home Room Parent. The role is not limited to one person – several parents can volunteer for this role. One parent, however, will be required to act as the liaison between the teacher and the other Home Room Parents.

Click here for more information about being a Home Room Parent.

Student Council

Early years classroom, ISB International School of BolognaThe Student Council includes representatives from classes grade 1 to grade 8. Each class has a representative who communicates compliments, concerns or suggestions from their class. The Student Council meets once a week, supervised by a volunteer member of the teaching faculty, to discuss what can be done about these issues. When the student council has formulated realistic requests or promising suggestions these are taken to the Head of School to be discussed. Besides working on improving the school, the student council also organizes fund raising activities for charities they have chosen in agreement with the classes.


“The mission of the Student Council is to be a voice for all the children in the school, working together to make the school a better and safer place for everyone, and trying to help outside the school by raising money for charities and helping people in need.”

Alumni Association

All former ISB students are automatically considered part of the ISB Alumni. It does not matter whether you attended for just one semester in the Early Years or always attended ISB – we want to stay in touch with everyone who passed through our doors.

ISB is very proud of our former students and we want to celebrate your success. If you would like to be keep up to date with what is happening at ISB please contact us directly and we will put you on our Alumni email contact list. Alternatively you can stay up to date with what is happening at the school via our Facebook page “International School of Bologna”.